Courses for Recognising and Managing Stress

Stress seems to have become a rather overworked term and now everyone is talking about Mental Health. Things change, terms change and become updated, the challenges remain the same. Stress still causes problems in the workplace and reduces contentment, descreasing harmony and balance in the office which, in turn,  reduces productivity.

There is now much talk about “Manifestation”, connect with the universe, read and implement “The Secret”. This is fine and I am sure there are many who have benefited but there are also many who have not and do not understand because they cannot get to the essence of the exercises and discipline which is required causing them more mental anguish. Mant who offer this seem to work on the basis that if they are given a slightly mystical name and charge loads of money or run a course, they are more believable.

Why chose John Durrant and Spiritual Connection to offer a course? Mainly because I have been around and run various businesses, successful and not so successful, for 50+ years and specifically corporate and DWP training for 20 years; I have made a very comfortable living and I have been bankrupt, so plenty of varied experience, and it is from this experience that this course ensues. We will examine the internal hormones which cause stress, how to recognise and counter. There are a variety of exercises to help understand mental health issues and minimise the effect, the initial first aid to mental health. I have researched and practiced these exercises so I am fully aware of their use and effect.

  • There is no Get Rich Quick Scheme every business requires discipline and work no matter what you are doing.
  • If someone is selling you a rags to riches scheme on the internet it is to make them money, the scheme may work but if it is going to make you rich why are they selling it to you?
  • Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” is still a bible to many successful business people. The secret is in the title.
    Most counselling, psychology, coaching modalities include relaxation, meditation helps avoid medication.
  • How we think is key, positive mental attitude (PMA) is the answer and discovering your inner energy and understanding your spiritual self is paramount
  • Your attitude affects your energy which in turn affects those around you in both positive and negative ways, it still requires discipline and hard work – regardless of what you are told.
  • Hard work however can be defined in many ways. Do something you know about and enjoy and you never work again and it is not hard.

Stress Management is a course I have delivered to School Teachers, Police middle management i.e. Sergeants etc., Housing Associations and many individuals.

From this experience a Life Management Course has evolved which can be tailored to suit you and your organisation. I am offering a free consultation and trial course to anyone who is interested.