How do you like to meditate? Do you like to sit quietly, for it to be guided, or do you like music playing in the background? 

What do you meditate for? What do you want meditation to do for you?

There are many myths surrounding meditation and there are so many people who are simply just doing it wrong. Any good Yoga or Reiki Teacher will tell you that it’s all about breathing, which it is, however meditation is not breath work nor is it Yoga or Reiki.

The dictionary defines meditation as “to engage in contemplation or reflection or engage in mental exercise such as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.”

Meditation is, therefore, simply a matter of thinking about something, a topic or a problem, which you may have weighing on your mind. You can meditate while doing something else; walking, cooking, doing some gardening. I’m sure that everyone has had a time when they have been doing one thing but thinking about something else.

It takes practice

With a little practice this can be turned into a period of sitting quietly, eyes closed, breathing gently and simply putting the problem at the front of one’s mind. It is a simple step from here to sit quietly and follow one thought in your mind. This may be a visualisation of our journey or it may simply be having one thought in your mind and trying to maintain that one thought. When meditating on one thought it is often very useful to have sympathetic music or sounds playing quietly in the background. This makes it easier to stop intrusive thoughts.

Meditating to music

Music, in fact every sound, has a vibration and has proved to be beneficial in improving your relationship with yourself, your energy or with spirit energy. Certain sounds appeal to us more than others. If you are going to use sound, or music, experiment. It may not be your favourite piece of music, it might just be a natural sound, rain falling, waves rolling up a beach or crashing on rocks, whale song or dolphin calls are vey popular. Just because a sound is natural does not make it better or worse that a man made sound or music. It is the vibration that matters and if you like it.

Guided Meditation

A guided meditation is in fact a type of hypnosis and can be used effectively to access the unconscious mind and can be used very effectively to reprogram or relearn certain aspects of behaviour. Guided meditation is a useful tool to find a quiet place in your imagination to quietly contemplate the here and now or changes you wish to make for the future. The unconscious mind is an interesting place. We only use about 20% of our total brain power. The other 80% being usd in our unconscious mind.

Meditation is achievable without effort. It is a place to relax, to learn and to grow.

This is number one is a series of blogs that explore meditation further. Look out for next month’s blog.