Introducing John Durrant, Spiritualist Medium.

John was brought up in a religious family. His Grandfather was a Decon and Missionary in a nonconformist church but John’s interest was wider. Although he joined a choir, in an Anglican church, he soon realised there was more to religion than simply a big building, where people joined together, to be told off and say prayers they did not understand, to a deity they could not see.

He began to read about other religions but it was not until 1973 when a family breakup resulted in John’s first visit to a Spiritualist Church in Chester, as for most people, in an open circle. The message John received that evening was a pivotal event in his introduction to Spiritualism.

Since then John has experienced many aspects of organised Spiritualism and other spiritual and simply mystical events; John has investigated and participated in many of these as services and courses.

Over time (50 plus years) John has looked into Life after Death, energy, healing and meditation, recently looking at the energy of the universe,

Such a lot is talked about but relatively little is understood.’

Having spent 25 years in Financial Services John established a Holistic Therapy Centre and Float Room, dealing mainly with those recovering from substance abuse. A qualified teacher and counsellor John was able to study and qualify in physical therapies such as massage, and related hands on therapies as well as Psychology and Hypnotherapy.

At the same time John was working in various closed circles and groups, studying various aspects of mediation and energy work, including trance and transfiguration.

John Durrant, Medium. At the Amethyst Spiritualist Church in Rhyl.

John recognised the link between Psychology and the unconscious mind, personal growth and Connection to the Spiritual and Energetic world. All those self help books, which look at the blockages to personal growth and the unconscious mind, had a point. The visualisation and deep relaxation techniques they taught had validity today although ‘Gurus’ now talk about Universal Energy and Manifestation as if it were something new and magic. Development requires hard work regardless of what you are sold.

While this was building experience and knowledge, John was serving Churches as a rostrum medium and running a regular open circle in Liverpool and hosting development groups and workshops by invitation mainly in and around the North West and North Wales.

This in turn has led to an examination of spiritual communication and link to Universal Energy resulting in the development and presentation of workshops, returning to basics for a full understanding of how Spiritual Development works in today’s world.