Spiritual Connection Meditation Workshop

Whatever your current perception of Meditation, this workshop will move you through some basic techniques to a full guided meditation which can be used at any time in virtually any circumstances to assist progress.

For those of you more experienced in Meditation it will bring you back to basics, something we all need from time to time, and remind you of the positive experience of meditation. For those new to mediation the workshop will give you a fundamental understanding of what meditation is, what it does and how you can achieve the right meditative state for you and your personality. 

We will examine the various stages and how they contribute to different areas of the relaxation and contemplative journey.

Join John on this journey through Meditation breathing, the use of Sound and the benefits of Guided Meditation.

How the day will likely go:

Intro, breathing technique, relax
Definition – what is meditation, how does it work

  • Where does it come from
  • Various levels of the unconscious mind
  • How to sit and breath
  • Mantras, what they are what they do
  • Affirmations and the effect on he unconscious mind
  • How meditation affects energy 


  • Energy reprise – build and pass energy
  • Use of sound
  • Full guided meditation
  • Q&A

Next workshop: Saturday 27th April 2024 from 10am at the Amethyst Spiritual Centre in Rhyl.