Spiritual Connection: Private Spiritual Readings

Either as an individual or small group, up to 6.

Private Readings with John Durrant: What to expect.

A private reading with John means that you have undivided individual attention for at least 20 mins. There will be time to link with loved ones who have passed and an opportunity to ask questions, should you wish to take this further and examine the reading and its implications additional time can be made available.

This is NOT fortune telling. Although spirit friends may offer advice on current situations or personal circumstances you have your own free will, as do each of us, advice from spirit may not be accepted and therefore change the outcome. Advice from spirit however is always thoughtful and allows you to make considered judgements.

Some readings are perfectly straight forward and require no discussion or analysis, other readings do raise questions or perhaps you have questions about spiritualism, how to link and recognise when spirit are trying to influence, how to meditate and its importance, perhaps you have had an experience which needs some explanation, John will make time, up to an hour, to discuss any topics you may have.

Readings can be arranged to suit you and John’s diaries and can be face to face at a place of your choosing or over zoom. John does not invite readings in his home.

Sessions are £25.00 per person for approx. 20 mins. The length of the reading depends purely on the evidence of spirit.

An hour session will be £40.00 including the reading; this session can be for one person or the whole group, if it is a group reading the additional 40 mins will not be charged per individual but will be for the whole group.


*Results cannot be guaranteed neither can connection to an identified individual spirit.