Spiritual Connection: More about Spiritual Readings

So you have decided to either visit a Medium or invite them to your home for an individual message, or a ‘reading’, to you from someone who has passed.

What can you expect from the ‘Sitting’?

First of all we should be clear, Mediums are just people who have developed their clairvoyant abilities. They are not special (as such) nor are they any different from you, they just manage to communicate with dead people or more precisely their energy, and have a heightened, often developed sense of wider energies. It is similar to noticing that someone is feeling down or out of sorts from some physical signs but more often just a feeling that their energy is low.

Everyone has a different reason for attempting this form of  communication; perhaps they just want to say hello or simply to hear a message from someone who has passed to know they are OK and have arrived safely on the other side. Perhaps it is to have some questions answered but mainly it is for reassurance or advice. However it should be said that next week’s lottery numbers are unlikely to be forthcoming.

We all have free will and can make up our own minds so our spirit friends do not usually tell your future or fortune because you may react wrongly to a given situation and change what they have predicted or others in the scenario may change the situation. They will be aware of any problems you may have and people who are upsetting you or causing stress and may give you insight into how to deal with it but it is up you, you who are in the real world to therefore deal with the actual situation. Although they can and may influence, they either cannot or will not interfere. A good and insightful Medium will explain this to you. The Medium’s job is to make a connection with friends or relatives in the Spirit World and relay any message they may have to you.

First of all the medium should be able to give you information so you can identify who is trying to communicate. Some Mediums see, others hear and most are just aware or ‘know’ things. Some Mediums use ‘tools’, tarot cards, crystals or may be runes.

Some Mediums may give names and dates which are relevant and recognised by the person receiving the message. It may not necessarily be the spirit person’s name but recognisable to the person receiving the message. This may be for the benefit of the Medium to confirm they are on the right path.

It is not uncommon for Mediums to charge, they are after all only human and have to eat and pay their bills too. What they charge may vary from £10.00 to £80.00 although I am aware that the average reading charge is currently about £25.00 with many mediums now moving to £40.00 for 15 to 20 mins of ‘Sitting’ time.

During a private sitting there should be time to ask questions and seek clarification, a good Medium will be only too pleased to provide this but be sure it comes at the end of the reading, DO NOT provide information to the Medium either before the reading or during, it will influence what they receive and you are giving information which may be used later as proof. It is fine to discuss things, in fact in my opinion it is part of the reading, but only after the Medium has finished, may still have a connection but is no longer reading and can therefore answer questions with insight.

If you are interested in a getting a good sitting, John is  available if you simply message him.