Spiritual Connection: Creating clarity and encouraging open discussion

Established in early 2000, Spiritual Connect was just a Facebook page to provide some commentary and to enable discussion about Spiritualism and related topics. Originally part of Equilibrium, my therapy center and float room in Lark Lane, over the years it has become a Website, Facebook page and facilitator of courses, events and ideas.

Spiritual Connection is now part of the Spiritual Life Management family dealing mainly with individual development and spiritual insight, keeping it simple, straightforward and honest.

Spiritual Connection's John in action at a workshop

The point is not trying to wrap things up in jargon and individual creative interpretation. Spirit communication is quite simple but requires a level of discipline many are not able to follow or sustain and is not there to make an individual look good or appear to be something more than they are. Straightforward communication is all that is required, what those who have passed to the other side of life have to tell or guide us is sufficient in itself it does not require any added embellishment or to lose anything in translation.

It can however be difficult sometimes for those without experience, and even those of us with years of experience, to understand the simplicity of a communication. Sometime we may receive an email or message from a friend or colleague in this life and we may find it difficult to understand or it does not make immediate sense. When however we ask a friend they may cast a whole new light on the message.

In case I am not being clear, Mediums are there to gain proof and pass on any message there may be from those who have passed, in the simplest and most honest way, nothing added and nothing taken away (thank you Joan Smith). It takes energy to establish communication so messages should not be taken lightly even though they may be amusing. They are not to feed an individual’s ego nor to enhance their position.

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