Corporate Mental Health Workshops for Employees and Business Owners

Because it’s the people in the business that matter

Lost productivity can be caused by stressed employees just not performing at their best, taking days off sick or going onto long term sick leave. Worst case, they resign and you have to add recruitment costs to lost productivity. Time management and poor communication are the top 2 causes of stress for many employees. Both these things can be  rectified through training. Most training courses only address the practical aspects of each, SLM addresses the Spiritual element too.

Sickness Absence figures from ONS 2021

Our courses are designed to help you and your employees understand themselves as well as others. This gives you the added benefit of everyone feeling heard and therefore valued more.

Every person is unique in how they manage their own time and deal with daily challenges. We help everyone understand how to optimise their own time and appreciate that others may manage their time differently and that its OK. Adding to that understanding of how you communicate compared with your colleagues and the company benefits from more effective conversations, fewer misunderstandings and better process management, increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism due to Stress. Happier employees don’t feel the need to leave, reducing recruitment costs and the added Stress that goes with it.

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From information provided by the Office for National Statistics some 149.3 million working days were lost in 2021. From the charts supplied by the ONS 9.8% of those days were related to Mental Health disorders which 18.6 days, average per worker, related to stress.

Of the reasons for losing days at work ‘other’ is high on the list while muscular/skeletal problems was the highest. A bad back is still the most likely reason the be off work but Depression and other mental health issues often with stress at work being sited as the original reason, are rapidly gaining ground.

Accepting that Covid-19 has caused a sever disruption in the number of days off due to illness along with furlough and working from home, we can see from the graph that time off due to illness is on the increase since lock down ended.

It is difficult to predict and prevent muscular skeletal damage, accidents both in and out of work and ‘other’ illnesses, such as cols and flu. One area, Mental Health can be addressed along with general wellbeing and feeling comfortable at work. Short, one day courses for both managers and staff, can help them to recognise when they are becoming stressed, what their main stressors are and how to avoid them, or prevent them developing into much more serious and longer term illness such as depression.

Being able to deal with general wellbeing and learning how to recognise this is other as well as yourself helps to make the workplace a much better environment particularly working from home, dealing with Covid and related matters and in the current economic climate.

Prevention is always better than cure and can often lead to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

InfoGraphic - Sickness Absence